Saturday, 29 September 2012

Arduino Cool Countdown Timer

No book on projects for a Guy should be without the Bond-style countdown timer, complete
with a rat’s nest of colored wires. This timer also doubles as an egg timer, because
there is nothing that annoys bad goons more than an overcooked soft-boiled egg!

For optimal loudness, the piezobuzzer used is
the kind that has integrated electronics so all that is
necessary to make it sound is to provide it with 5V.
Be careful to connect it in the correct way.

The project is similar, but with the xtra seven-segment display and associated
transistors. We also have a rotary encoder that we will use to set the time to count down from. We
have used both components before; for more information on rotary encoders.

The sketch for this project is mostly concerned with keeping the display up-todate
and creating the illusion that all four displays are lit at the same time, when in fact, only one will
ever be lit.


Description Appendix
Arduino Diecimila or
Duemilanove board or clone 

D1-4 2-digit, 7-segment LED
display (common anode) 

R1-3 100 K 0.5W metal film

R4-7 1 K 0.5W metal film resistor 
R8-15 100 0.5W metal film resistor 
T1-4 BC307 
Rotary encoder
Piezobuzzer(integrated electronics)

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